Vinzenz Schiergen

Why did you apply for the Godolphin Flying Start scholarship?

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You travel to most of the big racing nations and learn from the best people in the business. It’s the best career start you can get and you cover all the different aspects of the industry.

Where has been your favourite phase of the programme?

Potentially it has been Australia as I never been there before and the whole industry is different to my home industry in Europe. There is so much to learn and see. I got the opportunity to learn from two of the top trainers in Australia with James Cummings and Adrian Bott/ Gai Waterhouse.

Who has had the most influence on you since you commenced the programme?

There is a long list of people I need to thank and I’m happy to have met them. If I need to say one single person, I’ll choose Monty Robert’s. The amount of horsemanship I learned from him has been incredible, and as well he taught me with his training what is important to be a good leader.

How would you measure your progress since August 2021?

Every day I learned something new. There have been a lot of things I learned I didn’t even know existed. It’s been a great journey and I’m thankful to HH Sheikh Mohamed to provide us with the opportunity. I realized how much more to learn is there in the industry and I’m still hungry to learn more and more every day to become better and better.

What is your biggest learning from the last two years that will help you in the future?

Networking! The importance of a good network in our industry is essential to be successful. Throughout the last two years I have met people all around the world and stay in touch. So I can help them if they need anything and I can ask them if I need to know something of them.