Godolphin Flying Start

Thoroughbred Industry Leadership Programme


Godolphin Flying Start is a two year, full time Management and Leadership training programme that specialises in the international Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry. Our mission is to recruit the most talented people worldwide and to give them a professional training and experience unmatched by any other, in turn achieving our vision of producing committed leaders working in existing and emerging markets contributing to the long term success of the Thoroughbred industry. This is a fully funded scholarship programme.

Dispelling Myths

Godolphin Flying Start was designed as a scholarship to ensure it was an equal opportunities programme and that any individual from any socio-economic background could access the course. Each successful candidate receives a full scholarship. Some emerging racing and breeding nations have been represented by trainees on Godolphin Flying Start, and the programme welcomes those nationalities along with others that don’t have an industry yet. Equally, individuals that don’t have a family background in horses, or don’t have an equine qualification are welcome and valued.


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