Christopher Moore

Why did you apply for the Godolphin Flying Start scholarship back in 2021

The appeal was gaining international exposure to the whole industry and the connections you make with people along the way.

Where has been your favourite phase of the programme?

Out of the five countries visited Australia was a highlight for me, the youthful nature of the industry, opportunities, and the race day experience were fantastic.

Who has had the most influence on you since you commenced the programme?

Here completed my externship with Yulong; getting the opportunity to spend time with Sam Fairgray and Troy Stephens was a great learning experience. Outside of Australia, Micheál Orlandi in Ireland, Gerry Duffy and Dan Blacker in the US and of course the whole Godolphin team internationally have been very influential on my time during the Flying Start.

How would you measure your progress since August 2021?

I have definitely learnt a lot over the last two years, and have a much better appreciation of the global view of the industry.

What is your biggest learning from the last two years that will help you in the future?

The contacts and connections made with industry professionals globally is definitely the biggest benefit for me moving forward with my career.