Erin McLaughlin

Erin McLaughlin is 29 years old and comes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She developed a passion for horses at a young age and upon graduating Centenary University with a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies focusing on Equine Business Management and Equine Science, she completed both sessions of the Kentucky Equine Management Internship at Margaux Farm and Lane’s End Farm’s Oak Tree Division where she stayed until pursing a law degree at Widener University, Delaware Law School. Erin graduated Cum Laude, and served as the External Managing Editor on Widener Law Review. Erin has also worked for sale consignments such as Cara Bloodstock and Lane’s End. Before commencing Godolphin Flying Start, Erin worked for Michael Matz at the Fair Hill Training Center in Elkton, Maryland.

“I am thrilled to be given such an amazing opportunity on Godolphin Flying Start. Over the next two years I hope to merge my legal and equine capabilities while also learning on an international level. Trainees will develop leadership and management skills in a way no other course could provide and exposed to international practices and create an international network for long-term success. Aside from horses, I am interested in sailing, ice hockey, hiking with my dogs and spending time with family and friends.”