Charlie King

Why did you apply for the Godolphin Flying Start scholarship?

A global perspective is essential for any career in the thoroughbred industry. The programme is unmatched in its ability to provide this opportunity for its trainees.

Where has been your favourite phase of the programme?

The American phase provided some incredible experiences due to the unique nature of their breeding and racing industry. The academic aspect of this phase was invaluable completing projects in a variety of subjects from law and finance to more practical horsemanship based topics such as farriery and equine nutrition.

Who has had the most influence on you since you commenced the programme?

We’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with a great deal of people that have had a huge amount of influence on our development. The greatest asset of the programme is being able to meet these people in all jurisdictions and their willingness to share their insights and experience with us.

How would you measure your progress since August 2021?

Not only has my understanding of international racing and bloodstock developed, I’ve experienced a large amount of personal development through the coursework we cover in leadership and communication and business management.

What is your biggest learning from the last two years that will help you in the future?

The thoroughbred industry is abundant with people that are full of passion and enthusiasm for what they do. I’ve been able to foster a network of so many fantastic people from all around the world and dealing with them throughout my career is an extremely exciting prospect.