Jessica Daw

Why did you apply for the Godolphin Flying Start scholarship?

I applied for Godolphin Flying Start in order to expand my knowledge and experience of the Thoroughbred racing industry on a international basis. My experience before the course gave me a strong understanding of the industry within the UK but it has been during the program that I have been able to develop a deeper appreciation of the industry in global context whilst also creating a strong network across multiple jurisdictions.

Where has been your favourite phase of the programme?

Each phase of the course has been instrumental in my learning and development. That being said, Australia would be my favourite phase. The strength of the industry is evident and the experiences and opportunities available were unforgettable.

Who has had the most influence on you since you commenced the programme?

I have been fortunate to work with a number of inspiring leaders within the industry, both my externships were examples of this. With this in mind o would say Annabel Neasham would of had the greatest influence on me, serving as an excellent role model for not just any inspiring female trainer but for anyone looking to be successful within the racing industry.

How would you measure your progress since August 2021?

I would measure my progress by my growth in aspirations. As my skills and experience have increased during the program so to have my ambitions to follow a career into training.

What is your biggest learning from the last two years that will help you in the future?

My biggest takeaway from the past two years would be the importance of an established network. The racing industry is global community and having strong working relationships within that is essential in developing a successful career and becoming an industry leader.