Arvin Chadee

Arvin Chadee is 27 years old and comes from London, England. He graduated with First Class Honours in BA Business Management from the London Metropolitan University. Before commencing Godolphin Flying Start Arvin was a work rider for Dean Ivory Racing and careers marketer for The British Horseracing Authority.

"I have always been passionate about horse racing having been introduced to the sport at a young age when my dad used to take me to Epsom to watch the Derby. However, growing up in North London I was not fortunate enough to have been exposed to horses. My sheer enthusiasm and passion for the sport motivated me to enter and thrive in the industry, culminating in obtaining a scholarship for the prestigious Godolphin Flying Start programme. I feel privileged for the opportunity racing and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed have provided me. The unparalleled education and international exposure will allow me to fulfil my ambition of being an integral part of racing’s future and its continued success."