George Broughton

George Broughton is 23 years old and from Suffolk, UK. In 2019, George completed his MA (Hons) degree in Politics at the University of Edinburgh graduating with First Class Honours. Since finishing university, George has spent time in the Southern Hemisphere working for Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott Racing along with time at New Zealand Bloodstock. Outside of racing George’s interests include politics and cricket as well as cycling having previously cycled 4300 miles across the USA for charity.

“I count myself extremely fortunate to benefit from the amazing experiences Godolphin Flying Start offers. I must extend my immense gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed for his incredible philanthropy. To have the opportunity to travel around the world learning from leaders in the thoroughbred racing industry is truly life-changing. With racing jurisdictions, the world over facing new challenges, the opportunity to see these and the different methods of overcoming them, will provide a remarkable perspective from which to develop one’s world view.”