Nicholas Archdale

Nico Archdale is 26 years old, and comes from North Wales, UK. Nico graduated in 2016 from the University of Edinburgh, with a Master of Arts in Russian Studies. Before commencing the Godolphin Flying Start program, he completed the National Stud Diploma course in Newmarket, and worked for Charlie Fellowes as a pupil assistant trainer.

“With an outstanding reputation for training programmes in international Thoroughbred racing and breeding, learning from industry leaders around the world, Godolphin Flying Start gives an unparalleled opportunity for me to grow in an industry that I am immensely passionate about. Seeing global operations and management techniques for the thoroughbred is something I am keen to experience, and I believe the Godolphin Flying Start scholarship embodies these ideals and will aid me in fulfilling my career ambition of entering the bloodstock world. I am interested in widening Russian involvement in UK horse racing. Outside of racing, I am passionate about rugby, skiing and travelling.”