Godolphin Flying Start Alumni Awards 2020

In a time when we could all do with a bit of positivity, Godolphin Flying Start has decided to focus on the good stuff. Here at Godolphin Flying Start HQ there is a collective heart burst of pride every time a graduate reaches a milestone and we want to celebrate it.

The list of accolades achieved by the Alumni network is a growing one, with updates on a weekly basis of sale-toppers, Group winners, new jobs, new businesses. And so, while the Alumni Conference has been postponed, the Alumni Awards shall be going ahead and they’ll bigger and better than ever before.

As in previous years, there will be awards for Business Excellence and Leadership Excellence but new for this year are the awards for “Rising Stars” and specifically those who graduated from the course from 2016 onwards.

The Business Excellence Award applies to those who own or manage a business and have shown entrepreneurial spirit, strong financial performance and strategic direction in doing so. The Leadership Excellence Award applies to strong leaders who have demonstrated a unique ability to build and articulate a vision, inspire collaboration and co-operation in others, and implement strategies and change.

The first of the “Rising Star” awards is the Impact Award for a newcomer who has had the greatest impact on their own or their employers business since graduating whether that be through innovation, culture change, business growth, new markets or diversification. The second “Rising Star” accolade is the Influence Award for a graduate who has shown the greatest leadership or example to others in the industry. This includes changing an aspect of the industry for the better or making improvements where others have been unable to before through supporting or initiating community, charity or industry initiatives.

The online voting process shall be open from 1st until 31st May for graduates of Godolphin Flying Start, with the awards ceremony taking place on 24th June via videoconference.