Glen Hill Farm Hires Schultz as Farm Manager

Glen Hill Farm announced Jan. 9 that Lindsay Schultz has been hired as farm manager.

“I first met Lindsay when she went to work for Tom Proctor after graduating from the University of Louisville Equine Program,” said Craig Bernick, president of Glen Hill Farm. “We kept in touch through her time at Darley Flying Start, and we have worked together closely since she has been Tom Proctor’s lead assistant with responsibility for Fair Hill in the summer and Fair Grounds in the winter. Lindsay has always had a great work ethic and strong organization skills, and given how her overall horsemanship has continually grown, I feel we have hired the best person possible to manage Glen Hill Farm. Lindsay has an understanding of how Glen Hill Farm wants to develop horses, and the transition should be smooth. Glen Hill Farm has moved our mares to Kentucky so that the Ocala business can focus exclusively on raising, breaking, training, rehabbing, and laying up horses. It makes sense that a person with racetrack and training experience should lead the farm, and I feel that Lindsay is the best person we could have hired.”

“Glen Hill Farm is both established and innovative in the Thoroughbred community,” Lindsay Schultz added. “In accepting the farm manager position I look forward to contributing to a successful racing and breeding operation. With the support of Tom Proctor, I’m honored to join Craig Bernick at his Glen Hill Farm and continue to be part of a top racing stable.”

Story Credit: BloodHorse