Francis Graffard’s Erupt heads for Japan Cup

Three foreign runners in this year’s Japan Cup – France-trained Erupt and Germany-trained Iquitos and Nightflower – arrived in Japan safely on the night of November 16th and have settled in at the Quarantine Stable at the JRA Horseracing School.

The trio of 4-year-olds underwent light training on Nov. 17th, with Erupt walking around the track for a mile before galloping for about 1,000 meters. Iquitos and Nightflower trained together, trotting the track for about 2,600 meters before walking for several hundred meters.

* Erupt (comments by groom, Aurelien Bellei):
“His condition is very good and is eating well. We will be training him similarly to what we do back home.”


Piece taken from Horse Racing in Japan