Godolphin Flying Start Inaugural Graduate Conference



Masterclass: Growing Your Reputation and Brand”

Godolphin Flying Start are delighted to announce our Inaugural Graduate Conference which is taking place in Cambridge University, UK, on December 10th and 11th 2015. The Conference entitled “Masterclass: Growing Your Reputation and Brand” will give delegates insights into how professionals and organizations manage crises, develop brands, and strategically develop networks and logos. There will be 4 sessions over two half days which will incorporate workshops, case studies and brainstorms ensuring audience interaction. This style of learning places emphasis on networking, innovation, collaboration and practical skills to develop your business and personal brand. Delegates that attend the workshop will be enabled to make more informed career and business decisions as well as gain an edge in their chosen field. Today, there are 51 graduates working in Europe which this conference will facilitate to meet, engage and build significant relationships.

The aim of Godolphin Flying Start is to produce “Committed Leaders Working in Existing and Emerging Racing Nations ensuring the Long Term Success and Growth of the Thoroughbred Industry”.

Over the last 10 years the curriculum of the course has developed to include more leadership modules, strategic industry partnerships and Godolphin Flying Start has now received accreditation from University College Dublin. Our first graduates are now 10 years in the workplace and many are well on their way to influential leadership positions within our industry, but this is only the beginning. The time has come to take the next step to have a real impact on the global Thoroughbred industry. The conference will create an environment in which we can bring the energy, experience and expertise of like-minded, talented individuals together. We believe this will be the first of a series of key events in realising the aim of Godolphin Flying Start and provide the platform from which ideas to bring about positive change within our industry will be launched. The conference is limited to Godolphin Flying Start alumni. Delegates are invited to vote on two awards that will be presented, one for Business Excellence and another for Leadership excellence in Europe.

The Future of Darley Flying Start Graduate Conferences

Our plan is to continue with Graduate Conferences in the USA, Australia, Ireland and Dubai. We are looking at the opportunity for Continuing Professional Education credits for graduates attending the conferences. The alumni numbers have reached 130 to date and we will have over 200 alumni by 2020.

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