Life on Godolphin Flying Start


Accommodation is provided during the course. Living arrangements vary from country to country. There are shared houses in rural settings in Ireland and Australia, shared apartments in Lexington and on-campus individual rooms in Dubai.


Transport is provided locally in the form of shared cars and minivans. Bicycles are provided in Ireland with a minibus for visits off the farm.

Flights and visas: an allowance is provided to trainees for flights while on the course. Flights to and from Ireland at the beginning and end of the course are the trainees responsibility. Visas are arranged and paid for by the Godolphin International Thoroughbred Leadership Programme during the course.

Health insurance

Trainees are provided with an allowance towards their own Health Insurance Policy. (Proof of an international health insurance policy must be provided before the course commences)


Trainees receive a subsistence allowance of €900 which is paid monthly for the entire duration of the two year programme.

A Week on Godolphin Flying Start

Typically mornings start around 6am with trainees completing practical rotations as part of the stud or stable staff on the Godolphin operation where they are based. The practical experience is hands on and continues through inclement weather conditions as horses have to be cared for every day. Trainees report to the supervisor of their practical training roatations.

There is a short break for lunch after which lectures take place from 2 to 4pm in dedicated training suites at each location. Lectures are supported by management meetings, visits or workshops on or off site. Trainees are expected to be professional at all times in the workplace and for academic modules. This extends to dress, manner, timekeeping, work ethic and interpersonal skills.

Most weeks involve a deadline for an assignment or report and trainees are expected to manage their time and progress towards agreed goals. There is a strong emphasis on personal development, leadership and team work.
There are a number of social events and race meetings to attend as part of the programme which leads to busy weekends and evenings, which offers trainees the opportunity to network with industry leaders in a more relaxed setting. During externships or practical rotations, trainees work to the schedule agreed with the organisation where they are based.

After the course

Graduates of Godolphin Flying Start continue to enjoy contact with current trainees and staff even after their time on the course. A private online forum enables current and past trainees to discuss and share thoughts, information and opinions.