Dispelling Myths



Do I have to be from a racing background to apply for Godolphin Flying Start?
No, Godolphin Flying Start welcomes all.

The world of thoroughbred racing and breeding is often perceived as an exclusive realm, steeped in tradition and, more often than not, accessible mostly to those born into it. However, the Godolphin Flying Start programme breaks down these barriers, offering a unique opportunity that transcends family backgrounds and traditional entry points into the racing world.

Godolphin Flying Start is a prestigious two-year international management and leadership training programme designed for the thoroughbred industry, aiming to nurture and develop future leaders in the industry.

Contrary to some beliefs, one doesn’t need to hail from a racing family to be a part of this incredible journey. Godolphin Flying Start is more than just a training programme; it is a beacon of opportunity for passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds. The thoroughbred industry, like any other, thrives on diversity and fresh perspectives. Bringing in talent from various backgrounds can introduce new ideas, strategies, and outlooks that can propel the industry forward. Godolphin Flying Start recognizes this potential and actively encourages applicants from all walks of life.

Applicants are expected to have a relevant level of education and practical experience and the course is fundamentally aimed towards individuals seeking to develop excellent management and leadership training and a career in horse racing.

Successful leadership has no mould, but an ideal applicant for Godolphin Flying Start is somebody with excellent communication skills and in-depth knowledge of the international Thoroughbred Industry. It is someone who enjoys a rigorous academic program and multi-cultural experiences, and also has competent horse handling skills.

Obtaining the work experience and skills necessary to meet the criteria for Godolphin Flying Start is also incredibly accessible. There are often many entry level positions available at local racecourses, training yards or breeding farms, it is just a case of getting started.

Godolphin Flying Start is not just about maintaining the status quo; it's about challenging it and bringing in new energy and perspectives. It’s a clarion call to those who have ever dreamed of being a part of the thrilling world of thoroughbred racing but felt hindered by their lack of industry connections.

Your pathway to a career in the thoroughbred industry awaits!
Decoding the Degree Dilemma for Godolphin Flying Start:
What qualification do you really need?
Godolphin Flying Start is synonymous with excellence in the thoroughbred industry, seeking individuals who are academically sound, practically skilled, and deeply passionate about horse racing. So, does this mean you must have a university degree to apply? No, not necessarily. While most applicants do hold degrees, it is not the only eligibility criteria.

The programme typically seeks applicants with an NFQ Level 8 qualification, equating to a bachelor’s degree. However, there are alternate pathways:

NFQ Level 7 Qualification with Industry Experience:
If you hold an NFQ Level 7 at honours level and have amassed three to five years of full-time relevant experience in the Thoroughbred industry post-graduation, you're a potential candidate.

NFQ Level 6 Qualification with Extensive Experience:
For those with a Level 6 qualification at honours level coupled with at least 10 years of full-time relevant industry employment, including roles of responsibility, the doors to Godolphin Flying Start are open.

United States & Canada: A Level 8 qualification generally refers to a four-year bachelor's degree. For Level 7, think of an associate's degree with additional experience.

United Kingdom & Ireland: Here, Level 8 aligns with an honours bachelor's degree, typically three to four years, while Level 7 would be a diploma or foundation degree with honours. A good example of Level 6 would be the Irish National Stud Thoroughbred Breeding Management Course.

Australia & New Zealand: Level 8 is akin to a bachelor honours degree, and Level 7 could be an advanced diploma or associate degree.

Asia & Middle East: These regions also equate Level 8 to a bachelor’s degree and Level 7 to diplomas or associate degrees with relevant experience.

European Union: Similar to the UK, with Level 8 as a bachelor's degree and Level 7 as a diploma or foundation degree.

Godolphin Flying Start appreciates the value of diverse experiences. Thus, candidates with substantial practical experience in the thoroughbred industry, underpinned by relevant qualifications or exceptional life experiences, are also encouraged to apply.

There have been successful participants in the programme who may not have held a traditional university degree but brought in-depth industry experience, coupled with other forms of formal education and a passion for the field.

In conclusion, while a university degree, particularly at Level 8, is a standard prerequisite for Godolphin Flying Start, there is room for those with alternative educational and practical backgrounds. It's about showcasing a well-rounded profile that combines knowledge, hands-on expertise, and a passion for the thoroughbred racing industry.
Navigating the Financials of Godolphin Flying Start:
Can I afford a place on the programme?
Godolphin Flying Start is not just an educational endeavor; it's an investment in your professional future. The programme is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of tuition and training costs, but what does this mean for you as a potential trainee?

One of the most significant advantages of Godolphin Flying Start is that it is a fully-funded programme. Here's what's included:

Tuition Fees: The programme covers all tuition fees for the two-year course. This includes all educational components, workshops, and seminars.

Travel Expenses: Given its international nature, the programme entails travel to various countries. These travel expenses, including flights and local transport, are covered by Godolphin Flying Start.

Accommodation and Living Expenses: Trainees receive accommodation throughout the duration of the programme. In addition, a monthly stipend is provided to cover basic living expenses such as food and local transportation.

International Health Insurance: The programme provides all trainees with International Health Insurance for the two years that they are on the course.

Visa and Immigration Costs: This is another expense that is included as part of the programme.

Godolphin Flying Start programme offers an unparalleled opportunity with its comprehensive funding, presenting a feasible option for many aspiring thoroughbred industry professionals, paving the way for future success without the burden of educational debt.