Alumni Awards 2023

Our 2023 Alumni Awards were held immediately after the Impact & Influence Conference. Over 100 graduates voted on these peer awards. Well done to all the winners!

Business Excellence

This award is for a Flying Start graduate who has proven business skills. Business owners and managers are eligible. Business excellence is demonstrated through entrepreneurial spirit and vision, strong financial performance, innovation and strategic direction. This person should demonstrate excellent client relationships, sustainability and growth in employee numbers. They should consistently demonstrate personal integrity, resilience and focus on results, having a successful track record in return on investment and industry impact.

2023 Winner: Gary King

Leadership Excellence

This award is for a Flying Start graduate who has proven leadership skills. Business owners or managers and thoroughbred industry board or committee members are eligible. A strong leader demonstrates a unique ability to build and articulate a vision, inspires collaboration and co-operation in others, and implements change leading to results. This person will be a recognised role model and mentor. They act with personal integrity, helping others to succeed, leading change in an industry or community and challenging the status quo. They set high standards for themselves and others, communicate powerfully and give honest, constructive feedback.

2023 Winner: Craig Rounsefell* (*Award accepted by Emma Pugsley)


Rising Star: Business Excellence

The first of the “Rising Star” award is the Business Excellence for a newcomer who has had the greatest impact since graduating through setting up their own business, or rising through the ranks as a specialist or manager working for another entity. They will have achieved results through their skills, talent and ability to spot an opportunity. They will have a commercial focus and proven success in developing new businesses.

2023 Winner: Tim Donworth


Rising Star: Leadership Excellence

The second “Rising Star” accolade is the Leadership Excellence for a graduate who has shown the greatest leadership and contribution to others in the workplace or in the thoroughbred industry community. This includes contributing to initiatives to change the course of the industry for the better or making improvements where others have been unable to before. This person will have taken active steps to contribute aligned with their values and will have made their voice heard based on the courage of their commitments.

2023 Winner: Annise Montplaisir