Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Godolphin Flying Start has always put a strong emphasis on its key values and upholding them has underpinned the programme’s long term success and impact on the Thoroughbred industry.

These values are well-rounded and encourage trainees to strive for excellence while maintaining a high level of self-awareness and the willingness to teach and mentor others. They recognise the power of leadership and people’s ability to create change with the overarching aim of enhancing the global horseracing industry and, above all, a dedication to the understanding and care of the thoroughbred horse.

At the very centre of Godolphin Flying Start’s values is a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion which is evident from the selection process right through to graduation and beyond. We can always work harder to be more diverse, more equitable and more inclusive and the following subheadings highlight areas where Godolphin Flying Start endeavours to create a level playing field.

Godolphin Flying Start actively seeks participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences, recognising the value of bringing together individuals with different perspectives and ideas to enrich the learning process and, ultimately, the Thoroughbred industry. Since the programme began in 2003, its trainees have represented 20 different nationalities with an almost 50:50 gender balance.

Through continuous learning and self-improvement, Godolphin Flying Start aims to increase the number of underrepresented and minority groups in leadership positions within horse racing. This commitment to change works to break down barriers related to diversity, equity and inclusion through education.

Godolphin Flying Start is focussed on providing equal opportunities and an equitable environment for all aspiring trainees, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic background or any other factor. This commitment to equity ensures that talent is never overlooked based on bias or prejudice.

The scholarship is fully funded and trainees are provided with accommodation, transport and a monthly allowance which creates a fair and stable environment in which to learn.

Inclusive Learning Environment
Godolphin Flying Start has created a very inclusive learning environment where respect is paramount and every trainee feels welcome and valued. This fosters a culture of openness to learning and which encourages everyone to contribute their own unique insights in a safe space.

The support network is strong among trainees, the programme executive team, partner universities and industry leaders ensuring that everyone is well-equipped with the resources to succeed. The powerful network of Alumni creates a support system of formal and informal peer mentoring and coaching which helps to level the playing field and enables those from underrepresented
backgrounds to thrive.

Global Reach and Community
The global nature of Godolphin Flying Start allows trainees to gain exposure to diverse international racing cultures which undoubtedly broadens horizons and promotes a more inclusive and interconnected racing community. This, in turn, fosters collaboration and a sense of belonging for all involved.